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Under the Director of Personnel


Two HouseParents






Office Administrator & Team Leader

Management Committee, Member

Wigens Mathurin

President of the Board of Directors

Wigens is a devoted Christian and servant of the Most High. Early in life, Wigens learned that God’s love for the world is incontestable. At the age of eight, his entire family of eleven, including nine children, received the call to salvation from a God who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins to save a lost world.


Since then, his journey to discover God’s ordained purpose for his life had begun.

Miracles after miracles, God started to grow and challenge him in becoming a vessel which HE has used and continue to use for HIS Glory.


Wigens is blessed with a beautiful wife, Suze, and six children that he loves dearly. After receiving his engineering degree from SUNY Institute of Technology, God opened doors to great employments at fortune 500 companies, including IBM and AT&T, and enabled my family to help, support, encourage many families abroad which were struggling to feed and care for their children and parents.

The word of restoration which the prophet Jeremiah spoke of (Jeremiah 30) is also God’s message today to His people in a world of hopelessness and oppression. Surrounded by many wonderful souls whom God has also called to lead this noble work with him, he is very excited and encouraged to take on this task as he and the team share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever HE leads them.


Wigens brings a deep craving for understanding the things of God to the Mission of His Work International.

Daily he longs for what God desires and searches God’s Living Word for direction and guidance. His soul abounds in thanksgiving for a God who loves him and plans success for his life and that of HWI, Inc.

His family continues to do so to this day. Wigens is forever grateful and honored that God could use his family to make small deposits in peoples' lives while HE was preparing him to undertake a much bigger plan.