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The Orphanage



God has given us a vision to build an orphanage in Tabarre, a suburb outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The orphanage is to initially house 20 children – boys and girls. Late January 2017 we had welcomed our first five children.  



His Work International is committed to improving the lives of our orphaned and underprivileded children by providing them basic needs such as food, shelter, clean water, sanitation, and health care.  We believe every single child should be able to enjoy an environment where these needs are met and, in addition, be able to have access to a formal education.  



Our children will have the opportunity to learn through an on-site academy where we will be able to help guide and support them in their journey to becoming productive adult members of society.  



His Work International will not only provide the aforementioned but will also provide love and encouragement with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through which we will be able to help ensure positive, thoughtful, and empowered lives for the children. It is also our goal to develop outreach programs to support widows and senior citizens in need.


Here are some of the remarkable milestones HWI had reached because of your support:



June & November of 2012, a group of volunteers traveled to Haiti to build a 450-feet concrete fence and to install two (2) gates on the perimeter of the property.



In June 2013, a second team returned and along with hired local masons sealed up and aligned the concrete walls to its finished look.



In 2014, we contracted a company to dig up a 150-feet well that now provides drinkable water.  


   -  We acquired all materials for a 240V electrical power line into the property.


   -  We started construction work on an academy to create a learning environment for the children’s growth

       and development.



January 2015 thru September 2015, with God’s help and your support, the next phase of the project had started.  


   -  Some of the work activities included the completion of the first floor with a new concrete roof and new

      concrete columns to solidify the existing structure followed by the construction of the second floor




December 2015, a team of professional builders and electricians traveled to Haiti and framed the 2nd floor of the children's home which includes 9 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.



We made a lot of progress in 2016 which got us closer to opening the orphanage sooner than later.  So, we are very appreciative of the men that volunteered their time and went with us.



January 2017 we took our first trip in the year and welcomed our first five children.  



Early March '17 a team of eight men flew there and made great progress toward completing the bedrooms & baths.                  




First Floor

Second Floor

For a gallery of our construction journey, Please click here... to see the milestones in pictures 


Before School Expansion