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June 2013 Trip


Arriving at our destination, in Garrette, Haiti, we pulled into view and saw dozens of children running from one building to the other, boys and girls.  They were all of different school ages and dressed in beautiful blue and white uniforms.


The vision that we had in our minds of our own orphanage was right there before our eyes. The teacher and children prepared a few special songs in English and with big smiles on their faces they sang for us as we watched.


It breathed life into the thoughts of what we wished for our orphaned-children. And, as we said in the long drive home:

We can do this; This is possible!  The dream in my heart came alive.


  ~ Dave William 




June 2013 Trip      


Our last trip to Haiti has been my third.  Like every other trip, I am reminded all that God has done since we started on this journey some three years ago.  


The first day and a half that we were there seem to be uneventful due to the lack of transportation, but this gave brother David and I a chance to talk about building and labor some of the other needs that would be coming up concerning the children and the building.  We also got to know each other very well and enjoyed each other's company being that neither one of us spoke Creole and limited French. Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves sharing ideas and possible ways to make the orphanage as self-sufficient as possible.


The Lord seems to be setting things up for us so that we could be efficient with our time and that the meetings that we were lining up would go smoothly and proved to be fruitful. Many people would give us a helping hand and also be standing ready to help us in the future.  


We met with a doctor that would help us with the health needs of children that would be coming into the orphanage and gave us some insight as to what we would need as far as an examining room and/or a nurse’s station.  We also met with a man who raises chickens and rabbits in order to see what we could do to raise our own and supply the orphanage with food. He was very helpful and gave us many good ideas.  He also gave a story about what happened during the earthquake and how they nearly got by when their house collapsed.


We also paid a visit to the mountain village of Garette on Sunday morning. There, brother David and I visited the children in their Bible study and they sang for us. This made our day and we enjoyed the outpouring of love that they had for us.

On our way back to the US, we traveled to the Dominican Republic by bus to meet up with Pastor Charles who met us at the bus station. There, God used us to minister to the congregation as they in turn ministered to us as well.  When came our last night at the church, the pastor took up a second offering to pay for our transportation back to the airport the following day. This was a blessing we didn't expect. Brother David and I looked at each other with our eyes full of tears realizing although we came to bless, we were the ones being blessed.


This touched our hearts and further gave us a sense of bonding with the people.


As I reflect back on the whole trip I realized that God is doing a special work in all of us; opening our eyes to things that we might not have seen in the natural. God was also filling our hearts with his love to share with all our brothers and sisters.

I can't wait to go back to do God's work and to share God's love. no matter what the cost it is an honor to be HIS servant.


~Kelly Greco




I have always had a heart for children, especially orphaned children. I’ve never been to Haiti on a mission trip,

but I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to minister to helpless children.


The Lord has healed me and restored me in many different areas of my life.  

I am now ready and willing to be the hands & feet of Jesus.


                                                                                                                             ~Terry Copeland~






I am amazed by how God orchestrates every detail of the vision even before it was conceived.  


Unbeknownst to us, God has been shaping us for this great work for He knows it would not be easy and would require something from us.  Just like the rubber band is not used for its purpose until it is stretched,

God created all of us to be challenged and to grow.  


This Huge undertake not only stretches us to trust Him more but strengthens our faith and obedience to God.  


We are humbled that God could use our family along with each Donor,

each Volunteer, and each Board Member for such a cause as this.



                                                                                                                                   ~Suze Dufresne-Mathurin~