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Note to Our Sponsors...


We want you to know that His Work International  appreciates your partnering with us and intends to employ one hundred percent of your contributions...

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Note to Our Volunteers...


We're excited about your willingness to serve with us and to take on this enormous task.  Thank you for offering your time, your skills, and your resources.  HWI could not exist without you!!!

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Your donations are very much appreciated and are fully tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. Click the Donate button above to give thru PayPal

You can also send donations to 818 AL Constantino Drive, Schenectady, NY 12306 - payable to His Work International, Inc. or HWI

His Work International, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of orphaned and underprivileged children, meeting their basic needs, education, and health care services.

The HWI Team got back from a mission trip last December 2015 where they partitioned the second floor space into 9 bedrooms,

4 bathrooms, library and family room.  Special appreciation to our professional builders & electricians who went on that trip.

*** Thank you for your prayers and your financial support. ***  

Your generosity is surely bringing us closer to the opening of the orphanage. The children's classrooms have been completed inside and outside walls with last finish touch.  All metal doors, windows and supporting frames have been installed; All the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor have been framed and the electrical wiring have been completed.


However there is still much work to be done for the orphanage to be fully functional, and with your continued support we will surely reach our goals.  From sheetrock, floor tiles, sand, and concrete blocks to lighting fixtures and bedroom door knobs, you can personally take part in making this vision from the Lord a life-saving gift to the orphaned children of Haiti.
























His Work International, Inc. is gearing up for its next mission trip to Haiti this December.    There are two big items that we hope to tackle to complete construction and welcome the children as soon as possible.


We hope to cover 430 sq. meter of floor space with tiles as well as apply compound and polish the 2nd-floor walls.   We pray that God would grant you the opportunity to support us financially once again.  


Please Join Hands with us to help complete the children’s bedrooms.




***Consider partnering with us today thru a monthly donation or a one-time gift***