Wigens Mathurin, HWI President

"Many years ago, I had no real-life experience. However, I understood that people around the globe, for the most part, want to help others in need.  My contemporary Haitians would remember that the program, “Plan de Parrainage Haitien” (Haitian Planned Parenthood), was crafted specially to help needy children. This was financed by compassionate individuals all over the world.


Within my 11-family member household, this program helped sustain us massively.  The small voucher/check of $12 (USD) my youngest brother received became one of the main sources of income to help feed our family. My family was so grateful towards our sponsor from the Netherlands.  For several years, this kind woman contributed to the welfare of our family.  God used her generosity to provide for our family.


Though I cannot recall the name of my brother’s benefactor, I had the opportunity to read many letters my family had received from her.  In this way, she became part of our lives and we continued to pray for her and her family in the Netherlands. This is just one example of countless deposits made by many special individuals, of which make a difference in children's lives."



"These are my children. Would you take care of a few for me?"


“This question, quietly posed to me by God in 2005, couldn’t have been any clearer. My family has always supported struggling families in Haiti.  I thought, ‘Could this be just a little more that God now requires of us?’  The days and weeks that followed, God began to lay out His plan and deposited the vision in my heart - care for the underprivileged children, the orphans, and the elderly.


As I prayed, I learned to listen to God’s direction and started making small steps of faith. Seven years later, God began to bring people to share the vision. Many more have joined us since, and they are working with us to fulfill the great commission.  We believe it is our responsibility to feed, educate, clothe, and shelter our orphans.  


His Work International is called by God to do its part. Although we are not the first team appointed to this work, we still strive to make a great difference in the lives we touch.”