On behalf of the precious children we serve:




We are so appreciative towards all those who ever gave any goods, services, or monetary support;

to the volunteers who left their families behind and traveled with us; and to those who unwaveringly prayed for us.

Thank You!



Our volunteers work tirelessly to make things happen.  They certainly play an integral part in His Work International, Inc.  With enthusiasm, our volunteers offer their time and resources to provide valuable inputs to the organization.  They help plan and coordinate fundraising activities, attend meetings, recruit other volunteers, and participate in mission trips. A great thank you to:

The Carlin Family

The Nardini Family

The Cordy Family

The DiGeasare Family

The Breden Family

The Roth Family

B. Mangino

The DeLucia Family

The Houle Family

The Del Savio Family

The Friedman Family

A. Cicero

B. McBride

C. Huthmacher

The Muscanell Family

The Sharkey Family

The Nichols Family

The Casella Family

The Canfield Family

The O'Toole Family

L. Washington

D. Burke

J. Friguletto

J. Henriquez

T. Verret

N. Altidor

The Ippoliti Family

The Looman Family        

The Petersel Family

The Kniese Family

The Beauregard Family

The Copeland Family

The DePoala Family

The Neals Family

K. Mucci

S. McDougall

L. Alvarez

The Hallenbeck Family

B. DePiazza

C. Parker

The Crohn Family

The Amedore Family

I. Traynor

N. Friedman

P. Amorosi

The Neal Family

The Pigliavento Family

The Castricone Family

The Pryor Family

S. Hooker

Also, a special thanks to the professional builders & electricians for taking the time to go serve with us.  We appreciate the time, skills and resources to volunteered towards our efforts!  



For all of the help we received during our June 2014 Rummage Sale, (about $7,000 were raised to benefit the HWI orphanage building effort in Haiti!), HWI is honored to thank:


Alternative Storage | Barbara & Victor De Poalo and Terry & Jerry Copeland

Ultimate Entertainment Property | Zack Zeh

Michael's Express Catering | Mike Friguletto

D + D Enterprises | Bruce Bryniarski

Initials, Inc | Briana Petersel

Vinci's Printing

Hannaford Supermarket

Price Chopper




It is our prayer and our hope that more churches and organizations will come alongside HWI to further the work of the Kingdom. We are so appreciative towards:


Awaken Church, Ladies Ministry - for knitting those beautiful quilts for the orphanage children 

Bethel Full Gospel Church, Bethel Kidz Ministry - for raising funds for a playground and arts & crafts materials for the children in Haiti.