HWI board members and advisers do not have a salary but rather contribute regularly as needed. They are thought of as volunteers, passionately willing to give their time, resources, and themselves to effectively further our vision and mission. Our board of directors show allegiance to our donors and to the children we serve by managing the organization’s funds with integrity for its intended purpose.


Wigens is a devoted Christian and is blessed with a beautiful wife, Suze, and four children that he loves dearly. At the age of eight, he received the call to salvation and his journey with God had begun. God started preparing him towards becoming a vessel for His glory.


After receiving his engineering degree from SUNY Institute of Technology, he was blessed to find employment at IBM and AT&T. At the same time, Wigens began caring for many struggling families abroad. His family continues to do so to this day. This has been an ongoing testament to how God uses his family to make small impacts in peoples' lives.


God’s call to Wigens has encouraged him to help the underprivileged and hopeless. With many wonderful people who have agreed to help him on the journey, the team is very excited to share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever He leads them. Wigens brings a deep craving for understanding the things of God to the mission of the organization, and he is so thankful for a God who plans success for his life and that of HWI.


Thank you to our former board members for volunteering their time, talents, and experience. HWI appreciates your service, dedication and welcomes your future participation in any way possible. We're grateful to have had you served with us.

Jennifer Blackstone

(ex-)Vice President

Christella Celestin Nere

(ex-)Vice President