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Dear Friend,


So often, the blessings we receive in life are taken for granted, such as comfort, food, shelter, clean water, medical and dental care, education, and even modern-day technology and sanitation. All over the world, children go through life without their families. This separation could be by illness, accidents, environmental disasters, or financial needs. A child, devastated without their family, and even hungry and scared, yearns for a kind heart and a loving hand.  


Friend, we are talking about a very real situation for so many children in Haiti.  We would like to invite you to join forces with His Work International, Inc., to change the world of the orphaned children of Haiti in hopes that by changing their lives, they will go on to change the lives of others as well.


By providing basic needs such as food, shelter, clean water, sanitation, and health care, we will be able to offer the environment that a child needs to thrive and grow. By providing a formal education through an on-site academy, we will be able to help guide and support these children in their journey to becoming productive adult members of society.  And lastly, by providing love and encouragement with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be able to help ensure positive, thoughtful, and empowered lives for the children. In the heart of that, outreach programs will also be developed to support widows and senior citizens in need.


Join us in reaching out to the orphans of Haiti by donating a monetary gift to support the ongoing work of the orphanage.  Please know that not only will your tax-deductible gifts help provide for the children but also will secure the foundation for the future as we fully believe that by loving, educating, supporting, and meeting the needs of any child that comes into the orphanage, these children will go out into the world equipped to change lives and their community for the better.  


Please consider partnering with us to reach our goal in building and changing the lives of those God has entrusted to us.  As you give, we'll provide you with regular updates on the progress of this huge endeavor through social media. If you have any questions or concerns, please call

(518) 391-0570 or email us at hisworkintl@gmail.com.


Be Blessed, 


Wigens Mathurin

President of the Board of Directors

His Work International, Inc.